MLAZ Tax Credit Program

It’s coming up on the holiday season, and a wonderful time to give.

So why not give in a way that you also receive something back?!?!


A donation to the Miracle League of Arizona in 2016 means you can subtract the same amount from your Arizona taxes.

The Miracle League of Arizona qualifies for this credit under the Qualifying Charities Credit program. This credit can be claimed whether you itemize or do not itemize.

Up to $800 for Couples, and up to $400 for Singles!

So why not direct your tax dollars to the Miracle League of Arizona, helping hundreds of children with disabilities or special needs. You’ll get the money back, dollar for dollar.


Click HERE for a flyer to share the opportunity with friends, family and neighbors

You have until Tax Day 2017, or until you file your taxes, to make a qualifying gift for 2016.